"When does my order get shipped?"

- All orders are shipped within 1-4 business days with tracking through USPS. International shipping costs significantly more since the company charges extra for oversea shipping.

"Is your packaging eco-friendly?"

- As of now, I make sure to reuse all the current packaging materials I currently have instead of trashing them. Once used up, I will be switching over to 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

"Do you take commissions?"

- Yes to book them please email me at faerynnova@gmail.com or use the Contact page. Serious inquiries only and you must be ready to pay upfront.

“What’s the process behind your artwork?”

- I post glimpses of my painting process, what materials I use and much more behind the scenes details of my artwork on my Patreon

NOTE: All orders are final. I am not responsible for packages after they have been shipped. I make sure to package them securely to the best of my abilities.