Faeryn Nova is a pop surrealist and fantasy artist based in Seattle, WA working mainly with watercolor and gouache.

She's been creating for as long as she can remember as art has always been the craft to give her a sense of solace and belonging. She seeks to celebrate divine femininity and bring magic into this mundane world by creating other worlds inhabited by ethereal women and cosmic elements.

Her paintings invoke childlike wonder and peace, taking inspiration from the occult, nature, pop culture and the metaphysical.

Faeryn has exhibited her work in galleries and conventions throughout the US and has sold her work to private collectors around the world.


"Under the Sea" - Out of Step Books

"Enchanted" - Out of Step Books

Selected Exhibitions

"Venus" an all women's art show. La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA 2015

"Ghibli" Thumbprint Gallery, San Diego, CA 2015

"Sailor Moon Art Show" Tiny Dodo Gallery, Seattle, WA 2016

"The Art of Tarot lll" Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA 2019